Children’s centres aim to provide children and their families with the best start in life.

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1. About children's centres

Children’s centres offer a fun, friendly and safe place for children to play and develop, and a place for families to talk to each other.

You can meet a wide range of professionals who can support you from pregnancy to when your child starts school. Whether you are a parent-to-be, a mum, dad, grandparent or carer, you will be welcome.

Every children's centre has family support workers and children's and family workers who can provide extra help when you need it.

They could meet you at home, at a community venue or at the children’s centre to talk through any concerns you may have. If you feel you would like some support to be able to attend an activity they can accompany you.

They are also available to offer support to help families access specialist support should they need it.

2. What services do children’s centres offer?

Children’s centres offer:

  • early years provision
  • family support and parental outreach
  • child and family health services
  • parental involvement
  • links with Jobcentre Plus
  • support and outreach services to parents/carers and children who have been identified as in need of them
  • information and advice to parents and carers on a range of subjects
  • support to childminders via a co-ordinated network
  • drop-in sessions and other activities for children, parents and carers
  • midwifery and health visiting services
  • adult education and family learning
  • specialist services such as speech and language therapy and child and adolescent mental health support
  • a friendly place to play and learn
  • a place to meet other families and carers
  • access child and family health services
  • access to family friendly support services
  • support on looking for work or training
  • support on becoming a volunteer in the community.

3. Finding a centre near you

There are x children's centres in Lambeth and they're all open five days a week.

Each venue has set opening hours and an activities calendar, so you can plan when you and your family will attend.

Visit your local children's centre to find out more and to see what's on offer.

Find your nearest children's centre

Get the support you need at your local centre or call the Family Information Service on 020 7926 9558 or email for more information.