Visions of Success is our Children in Care Council and it is made up of young people who are in care or leaving our care.

Visions of Success (VOS) meet once a month, usually on the first Wednesday of the month, to discuss a variety of subjects, meet new people and have fun.

The young people represent and speak on behalf of other children looked after to make a difference by creating ideas to improve services and outcomes. We do this by working as a team and cooperating with each other.

And not just at the monthly meetings, the group have a number of other key activities that take place throughout the year that contribute to the work they do.

The VOS mission statement

The group have written their mission statement:

We have experienced life in care, and it is our aim to improve services for other children looked after.

We aim to reach out to other children looked after so our voice can represent them.

We aim to improve gaps in service delivery in Lambeth because we want children looked after to feel heard and to make their quality of life brighter. We want the experience of coming into care of Lambeth to make a positive impact on children’s lives.

What does Visions of Success do?

The group get to tell us what they think about our policies and how we care for young people. Over tasty meals, discussions and games, the group have made lots of great changes in Lambeth.

VOS also meet with our chief executive once every six months to talk to them about important issues facing children in care (they're the top boss of Lambeth Council!).

They also help us to do training with social workers and foster carers, and to sit on interview panels for new staff and services for looked after children. It’s great!

The group also go to the House of Commons in Westminster to meet with other looked after children from around the UK, and to lobby (to get the government to change policies) on important issues for looked after children (this is called the Associate Parliamentary Group).

They also meet with elected councillors including the corporate parenting board once every two months.

How can I join?

You can join Visions of Success if you're between 13 and 21 years old and looked after by Lambeth or leaving our care. The group is very welcoming and enjoy receiving new members.

Who to contact

To find out more about Visions of Success or to join the group, contact Emmanuel on 07714 843 494 or email