Sometimes, for a number of reasons, children are not able to live with their families. In these cases, the children will be cared for by the council. This is called being 'looked after'.

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1. How the council looks after children

All children under the care of the council for have care plans. These plans reflect the child's needs and take account of their wishes and feelings, as well as the views of family and other important people in their life.The council keeps in regular contact with all looked after children, including visiting.

The council also makes plans to give the child a stable future. If this cannot be with the birth family, extended family or others who are important to them, we will make plans for adoption, foster care or for a place in a residential home.

2. Lambeth Virtual School for Children Looked After

Statistics show that nationally looked after children do not achieve as highly as other children in GCSE qualifications; this is also the case in Lambeth. The council are leading the drive to support and improve performance of this vulnerable group of children.

The Lambeth Virtual School for Children Looked After is not a school in the physical sense, but rather a council service that champions the needs of Lambeth's children and young people who are looked after.

Contact Lambeth Virtual School

Manager: Sheila Mulvenney

Telephone: 020 7926 1729

3. Further information

For more information about the Council's services for children, contact:

Families Information Service
3rd Floor International House
Canterbury Crescent
Telephone: 0845 601 5317