This report relates to an independent review of the circumstances leading to a domestic homicide that occurred on 29 July 2013 in Lambeth.

Domestic Homicide Reviews take place under Section 9, Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act, 2004. The guidance states that a domestic homicide review (DHR) means a review of the circumstances in which the death of a person aged 16 or over has or appears to have resulted from violence, abuse or neglect by:

  • A person to whom he / she was related or with whom he / she was or had been in an intimate personal relationship, or
  • A member of the same household as him / herself, held with a view to identifying the lessons to be learned from the death.

The report is anonymised and the names used within it are fictitious to protect the identity of relatives and the surviving victim.

The murder victim, Ayesha, was murdered in her home by her husband, Darren. Present was Ayesha’s sister, Celeste, who was seriously assaulted, and Ayesha’s 7 year old son, who was unharmed. Earlier that evening, Darren had stabbed his ex-partner, Beverley. She survived the attack. Also present, and unharmed was their 3 year old son. Darren was subsequently convicted of the murder of Ayesha, attempted murder of Beverley, and Grievous Bodily Harm of Celeste. He was sentenced to 29 years, 19 years, and 12 years imprisonment to run concurrently.

The DHR reports were produced by Jane Ashman, Independent Chair of Lambeth’s Domestic Homicide Review Panel. The multi-agency panel examined relevant agency responses and support given to Ayesha. The Panel also examined responses to support given to Beverley.

An action plan was prepared to address the recommendations. Progress has been overseen by the DHR Panel and reported to the Lambeth Adults Safeguarding Board, the Lambeth Safeguarding Children’s Board and the Safer Lambeth Partnership.

The report has been signed off by Lambeth Council’s Chief Executive and Police Borough Commander in their role as Chairs of the Safer Lambeth Partnership Executive. It has also received sign off from the Home Office DHR QA Panel who gave permission for the review to be finalised.

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