The Community Safety Service aims to respond to priority noise and anti-social behaviour issues that have the most significant and sustained adverse impact on local communities.

If you are a Lambeth Housing tenant please contact your local housing office to report all noise and anti-social behaviour related issues. If you are a housing association tenant please contact your housing provider in the first instance

Do it by phone

020 7926 5000
Community Safety Service

Please note that as of Sunday 24 April 2016 the council no longer operates a responsive noise service. You can now only contact us during normal office hours on the number provided or by completing an online form.

Who can use this service

The following service thresholds are used by the service to identify priority noise nuisance issues. Only complaints that meet this criteria will be passed onto the Community Safety Area Teams to be dealt with

  • Where three or more calls are received, in one month from different households
  • Where two or more calls within a month are believed to be related to licensed premises

When calling or completing a form our customers services officers will assess your complaint against this criteria

What you need to know...

The service will no longer respond to the following types of noise, regardless of whether thresholds or triggers are met:

  • Complaints of noise from ordinary domestic activity such as banging, heavy walking, closing of doors, vacuuming, washing machines, use of showers/toilets, children playing, loud talking, shouting etc (this list is not exhaustive)
  • Complaints about aircraft or railway noise
  • Late night deliveries
  • Complaints about noise from vehicles left idle or in-car entertainment
  • Complaints about noise from outside sports activity
  • Complaints about sanctioned road works
  • Complaints about sanctioned commercial construction works