We are consulting locally on emerging proposals for the redevelopment of the Council owned site at 114 -118 Lower Marsh, with a view to submitting a planning application in summer 2017.

What's happening?

In February 2017, Lambeth Council appointed architects Conran + Partners to develop proposals for the redevelopment of 114 – 118 Lower Marsh. They have developed proposals for:

Artist impression of the rear of 119-12 Lower Marsh, location of Granby Place

  • A flexible mixed use development
  • Retail at ground floor with office space above
  • The retention of Granby Place as a public space
  • The option to create a future link to Launcelot Street

We want to hear what you think about these proposals to help us develop our plans prior to submitting a planning application.

View the 114-118 Lower Marsh Pre-Planning Application Consultation details.

Public drop-in sessions

We are holding a series of public drop-in sessions during this consultation and will be on Lower Marsh outside 114 – 118 to hear your views on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 12 July, 11am till 3pm.
  • Saturday 15 July, 10am till 2pm.
  • Monday 17 July, 1pm till 6pm.

Please do come and talk to us. You will be able to look at our proposals and ask any questions you may have.

If you are unable to attend you can also view the redevelopment consultation boards online, which will be on display.

How to respond

Please tell us what you think about these proposals via the online 114-118 Lower Marsh pre-planning consultation survey

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Did you consider providing homes on this site?
    We considered a range of use options for this site, including providing new homes. As a comparatively small and constrained site, it was however deemed unsuitable to deliver a significant quantity, type or quality of housing that would meet wider resident needs.
    Situated in a street dominated by shopping the site is more suited to a retail and employment led scheme that can promote employment and enterprise opportunities, with Granby Place providing amenity space for local residents, employees and visitors.
    The Council is also working with Oasis Charitable Learning to explore the feasibility of providing new housing as part of any future redevelopment of the Oasis Academy Johanna primary school.

  2. Why aren’t you putting the library back on the site?
    Waterloo library has been relocated to the Oasis Centre at 1 Kennington Road where it has significantly increased opening hours and usage. The move has proved both popular and successful.
    Looking to the future, the Council has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Oasis Charitable Learning to explore the feasibility of providing a new permanent neighbourhood library as part of a wider redevelopment of the Oasis Johanna Primary School.
    The feasibility assessment will also consider whether housing can be accommodated within any future redevelopment of the school land.

  3. Will the proposed redevelopment create jobs for local people?
    The proposed redevelopment will create new office space and shops. This will provide employment and enterprise opportunities. Of all the use options considered, the proposed scheme maximises employment density, boosting footfall and local vitality.
    If or when the scheme is built, we will seek to ensure that the maximum number of construction jobs go to Lambeth residents. We will also try to ensure that ‘end user’ job opportunities - in the shops or office space – can benefit Lambeth residents.
    If the Council acts as landlord, the option exists for some of the office space to be designated as affordable workspace, which is currently being successfully trialled by Meanwhile Space CIC in the existing building until December 2018.
    Meanwhile Space are providing affordable workspace that is accessible to local people and ‘start up’ businesses. We will also work with local employment agencies like the Jobshop to ensure local people can access these opportunities.

  4. Isn’t this just more gentrification?
    Lambeth Council has deliberately retained ownership of the site rather than selling it to a developer (for example) for the highest price.
    With the council in control of development of the site, and working with local businesses and residents, this provides the best opportunity of realising a scheme consistent with the Borough Plan and respectful of local character and aspirations.
    The proposed redevelopment of 114- 118 Lower Marsh will protect and enhance the traditional character of the area , promoting independent shops, whilst creating new public spaces and office accommodation for a new worker population which will support the street market and local shopping.

  5. What’s going to happen to the job shop?
    The Council is in close discussion with South Bank Employers’ Group (SBEG) - who operate Waterloo Job Shop - regarding the possible return of the Job Shop within the new scheme, once completed. When the site is being developed, Waterloo Job Shop will deliver its services from an alternative location in the neighbourhood. We fully expect that the Job Shop will operate from its present location until January 2019.

  6. Lower Marsh is a conservation area; will the proposed design fit in?
    Whilst Lower Marsh is a conservation area it is home to a varied mix of buildings of various heights and styles, which is all part of its character and appeal.
    Our design team has studied the street and the area carefully to devise a design proposal that is respectful of and complementary to the rest of the street. The proposed designs are sensitive to the historic environment. We believe they will enhance the high-street frontage through the use of traditional materials, while also enhancing the rear and Granby Place

  7. How will my views be taken into consideration?
    This is pre-planning application consultation, we have yet to fix a design or formally submit a planning application. We are genuinely keen to hear your views and the views of local residents, employees, businesses and visitors on our emerging plans.
    We are particularly keen to hear your views on the type of space we could create at the rear of the site on Granby Place, and the types of shops and businesses which could be based here.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Friday 21 July 2017 and is now closed for responses.