Lambeth Council has made an Article 4 direction that affects some properties in the borough. Here you can find out what this means and how and when it might affect you. You will also have an opportunity to comment on the making of the Article 4 direction.

What is an Article 4 Direction?

An Article 4 Direction is a direction under article 4 of the General Permitted Development Order 2015 which enables the Council to withdraw specified permitted development rights across a defined area.
Permitted development rights are a national grant of planning permission which allows certain building works and changes of use to be carried out without having to make a planning application.

Planning permission is needed from the Council for the type of development affected by an Article 4 Direction.

What has the Council done?

On 25 July 2016 the Council made an Article 4 Direction withdrawing permitted development rights for ‘Class O’ permitted development.
Class O is one of the classes of permitted development rights for change of use that is contained in the General Permitted Development Order 2015.
It relates to changes of use from office use (planning use class B1(a)) to residential use (planning use class C3).

The Article 4 Direction applies to whole of Brixton town centre, some sites in Clapham town centre, and the whole or part of ten areas known as ‘Key Industrial and Business Areas’ (KIBAs).

The Council is sending notification of the Article 4 Direction to affected property owners.

When does the Article 4 Direction come into force?

The Council will need to decide whether or not to confirm the Article 4 Direction.

If it is confirmed it will come into force on 15 September 2017.

What happens next?

Comments about the Article 4 Direction can be submitted to the Council between 29 July 2016 and 23 September 2016.
Please send comments by email to or by post to
(posted response to arrive no later than 23 September 2016).

Planning Policy
London Borough of Lambeth
Phoenix House, 10 Wandsworth Road
London SW8 2LL

The Council will consider any comments received as part of the process of deciding whether or not to confirm the Article 4 Direction.

How will the Article 4 Direction affect me?

If your property is covered by the Article 4 Direction, and if the Direction is confirmed by the Council, from 15 September 2017 you will need to apply to the Council for planning permission if you wish to make a change of use from office use to residential use.
No fee will be payable if the Article 4 Direction is the only reason you need to apply for planning permission.

Projects for which Class O prior approval is obtained before 15 September 2017 will not be affected by the Article 4 Direction and your prior approval will still be valid.

Where can I get further information?

You can read the Article 4 Direction cabinet report

You can inspect a copy of the Article 4 Direction and the maps at the Planning Department at Phoenix House Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm.

You can email:

or write to:

Planning Policy
London Borough of Lambeth
Phoenix House
10 Wandsworth Road
SW8 2LL.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Friday 23 September 2016 and is now closed for responses.
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