Tell us whether you agree or disagree with the assessments set out in the September 2014 report about the tree at Durning Library so that we can decide what can be done with the tree in the future.

The tree (also known as the ‘Tree of Heaven’) is located at the rear of Durning Library. Durning Library is a Grade II listed building situated in the Kennington Conservation Area.

Background Information

In July 2012, Lambeth Council proposed to remove the tree from the rear of Durning Library. This was followed by a range of activity including opposition from some residents, a Cabinet report, and a High Court injunction.

What are we consulting on?

Lambeth Council recently commissioned Lambert Smith Hampton to carry out a further review to assess the tree and any impact it may have on the library building and surrounding infrastructure in the area, as well as the impact on the conservation area if the tree were to be removed.

The Council has received the September 2014 tree report from the surveys and investigations that have been carried out.

The report includes three appendices from specialist consultants:

  • Heritage Assessment (Turley Heritage)
  • Report on the condition of parts of Durning Library (Tony Riley)
  • Arboricultural Management Report and Further Investigation report (Landmark Trees)

We would now like your feedback on the tree report. Once you have reviewed the report we would like to hear your views and comments, and whether or not you agree/disagree with the assessments set out in the report from the specialist consultants who carried out the surveys.

Your comments will help us to decide what can be done with the tree in the future. At the end of the consultation period, we will look at what everyone has said. We will then make a recommendation to the Council’s Cabinet next Spring taking into account the comments received.

Important documents:

Tree report (September 2014) produced by Lambert Smith Hampton including the three appended reports from specialist consultants

Background information includes:

October 2012 Cabinet report and appendices Please note this includes information related to Agenda item 4 under the Cooperative Libraries Update including:

  • Cabinet Supplementary Information:
  • Appendix (04b –Cooperative Libraries Programme Update)
  • Appendix (04f – Libraries Additional Papers During 2012)
  • Appendix (04g - Neville Fray’s aboricultural report October 2012)

The judgement from the tree case

How to respond

This consultation ended on Monday 23 February 2015 and is now closed for responses.

Contact us

ACS Consultation, Lambeth Adults' and Community Services
Phoenix House
10 Wandsworth Road
London, SW8 2LL 7926 9288 (Marion Cable) or Freephone 0800 013 1497 (Philippa Davey)
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