We expect lots of growth in Lambeth over the next 15 years and are producing an updated Local Plan to guide development. It will set out how we can improve the quality of the local environment, as well as the quality of people's lives.

During consultation in March and April 2013 we asked local people what they thought about the draft Lambeth Local Plan and supporting documents.

The consultation is now closed but you can find out about the consultation by reading the documents consulted on, the consultation summary booklet and the feedback documents below.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment or make a representation during the consultation.

In total 564 people or organisations participated in the consultation process - 337 questionnaires and 161 other written representations were received. The consultation process and outcome are reported below in the Draft Lambeth Local Plan Consultation Report. Consideration of all written representations has also been logged in a Schedule of Responses. This records the Council’s response to each point made and whether or not a change to the wording of the Plan has resulted.

Extensive revisions have been made to the Draft Local Plan to take account of the many views expressed at workshops and in writing.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Friday 26 April 2013 and is now closed for responses.