The Local Application Requirements (LAR) list, also known as the ‘local information requirements’ or the ‘local list’, sets out the supporting information that Lambeth requires to accompany new planning applications.

The legislation behind the local information requirements

These local information requirements sit alongside national information requirements for planning applications and consents. They are required in accordance with Section 62 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and Part 3 of The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015.

The same legislation also allows local planning authorities (LPAs) to request additional supporting information by defining local information requirements.

Why are we replacing our existing local information requirements?

Our existing local information requirements need replacement due to the passage of time and the introduction of new national and local planning policy.

The replacement process

The National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) sets out a three step process for preparing and revising local lists, which includes:

  1. A review of the existing local list
  2. Consulting on proposed changes
  3. Finalising and publishing the revised local list on the LPA’s website.

We are now consulting on our revised local information requirements (step 2 of the process) and a copy of our draft document can be found below.

Following the consultation we will review any comments received and, where considered necessary and appropriate, make changes to our draft local information requirements.

The revised local information requirements will then published on our website and become mandatory requirements for supporting all new applications for planning permission and other consents.

About the draft document

The draft document includes:

  1. Introduction: Describes the purpose of the document and how to use it
  2. Definition of some of the terms used in this document
  3. Table 1: List of local application requirements: Describes each requirement, when it is needed and provides some guidance on what we are looking for. It also contains information on the reason for the requirement and sometimes a reference or link where further information related to the requirement can be found.
  4. Table 2: Local application requirements summary matrix: A matrix of the list of local information requirements cross referenced against different application types.

What we would like you to do

Please review the draft document and provide us with any comments you have.

Some of the questions you may wish to consider when reviewing and commenting on our draft local information requirements might be:

  • Are the revised information requirements reasonable, having regard to the nature and scale of different potential developments and, if not, which ones are unreasonable and why?

  • Do the revised requirements request information that it is reasonable to think will be a material consideration in the determination of a potential application and, if not, where is this not the case?

  • Is the list clear on what information will be required with different application types and, if not, where is the list unclear?

  • Is there additional information that should be included within the list and, if so, can you describe what this is and the circumstances in which it should be required?

The closing date for comments is Sunday 5 June 2016.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Sunday 5 June 2016 and is now closed for responses.

Contact us

Andrew L Mulindwa, Principal Planning Officer (East Area Team)
Phoenix House
10 Wandsworth Road
020 7926 1214