The Statement of Community Involvement (for planning matters) (SCI) sets out how and when stakeholders will be involved in planning policy preparation and consulted on planning applications. The SCI sets out the minimum measures the council will undertake – we can always do additional measures. The draft revised SCI was made available for public comments between 27 February and 14 April. The council received a good level of interest and response on the SCI. Officers are currently considering all responses received and will prepare a schedule of all comments, together with a council response and propose a final SCI for Full Council approval.

The council is required by law to have a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). The current SCI was adopted in April 2008. It is now out-of-date due to changes in planning legislation.

It also needs to be updated to reflect the council’s co-operative working practices, reduced funding, more widespread use of new technology and the internet for consultations and provide a more environmentally sustainable service.

Our proposals

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What happens next

All consultation responses will be given careful consideration when the final draft is being prepared.

The final draft version of the document will be reported to full council for approval later in the year. When adopted it will replace the existing Statement of Community Involvement 2008.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Tuesday 14 April 2015 and is now closed for responses.