We have to make significant changes to the services we deliver and the way they are delivered to meet the budget available in future years.

Some of the savings will be found by becoming more efficient in how we commission and deliver our services, but there will be reductions in the services provided by us.

We have worked extensively to ensure that, as far as possible, the budget proposals align with resident priorities.

To best understand resident's views on how to meet the financial challenge we have had a programme of engagement which has included:

  • events with existing service user groups
  • residents survey with a representative sample of 750 residents
  • focus groups with local people.

This information has been used to amend and further develop proposals. For example, the early potential proposals relating to street cleaning, public and community toilets, and community safety (including hate crime) were all changed significantly following the findings of the budget consultation.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Thursday 21 November 2013 and is now closed for responses.

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