Residents are being consulted on safety improvements at the junction of Kempshott and Buckleigh Roads. The consultation is open from 15 April 2019. Respond to our survey below.

Pedestrian safety was a key theme in the responses we received from the Streatham South Our Streets consultation. In response to this, we propose to make improvements to the existing speed table at the junction of Kempshott Road and Buckleigh Road to make this location safer for pedestrians, in particular, school-aged children who walk to school.

The key features and benefits are:

Build-outs on Kempshott Road:

  • Shortens the amount of road that pedestrians have to cross
  • Enables pedestrians better visibility of oncoming traffic
  • Enables drivers better visibility of oncoming traffic and pedestrians
  • Narrows the road which helps reduce traffic speed

Tactile paving on all arms of the junction:

  • Provides a defined crossing point
  • Improves the facility for visually impaired pedestrians

Extend double yellow lines

  • Stops parking at the junction to improve visibility for all

Please view our proposals on the map below to help you have your say:


Q: Will any parking be lost?
A: Yes, as we propose to extend the double yellow lines, 4 spaces will be lost.

Q: When will the humps be installed?
A: If there are no objections, we plan to carry out construction works during the summer holidays in August 2019.

Q: Will cars stop to let pedestrians cross the road?
A: No, this is not a formal pedestrian crossing. Pedestrians should use the Green Cross Code when crossing this junction.

Q: Why isn’t a formal pedestrian crossing being installed?
A: There is a strict criteria for the installation of pedestrian crossings which involves numbers of people crossing, number and speed of cars using the road and previous collisions (accidents). As Kempshott Road/Buckleigh Road is a crossroads a pedestrian crossing would not be located where pedestrians would want to cross the road and would also cause traffic to queue up across the junction causing congestion. Following an initial assessment this junction does not meet the criteria for a pedestrian crossing.

Q: How will fly tipping be deterred on the proposed build-outs?
A: We will install a combination of trees and plants.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Sunday 12 May 2019 and is now closed for responses.