The council is looking to make some changes in order to make journeys to school safer. In order to address increasing concerns about rat-running, road safety and parking, the council has invited Jessop Primary School to pilot the School Streets programme.

School Streets are timed road closures around schools, introduced to reduce road danger and create an environment that encourages increased active travel. Roads can be closed to vehicular traffic for a period of time in the morning and afternoon, but remain open to pedestrians and cyclists.

Even in a borough with low car ownership such as Lambeth, roads around schools are often clogged with traffic at the beginning and end of the school day.

Limited parking around most schools in the borough means drivers often park in the most dangerous places right outside the school gates, or stop in the middle of the road, putting their own and other children arriving at school at risk; local residents are often inconvenienced and annoyed by inconsiderate parking and poor driving.

In some parts of the borough, increasing amounts of rat running along streets with schools on them increases the safety fears of parents - the resulting environment for those walking, cycling or scooting to school is far from ideal and discourages some families from choosing active means.

How will the scheme work?

Our proposal is to close Lowden Road, between the junction with Milkwood Road and the junction with Heron Road, during term-time weekdays from 8am to 9am and 3pm to 4pm. Portable gates will be used to close the road meaning that emergency services and disabled badge holders will still have access, and residents will still be able to exit.

The closure will be introduced for a trial period, from the 29 of April to the end of the summer term in July at which time we will review what has worked and consider the feedback from children, parents, the school and local residents. As such we are keen to hear your views and hope that you can look at the plan, and complete and survey by 23 April 2019.

The council will be holding some meetings ahead of the closure and will keep you informed of dates; if you have any questions at this stage please contact

How to respond

This consultation ended on Tuesday 23 April 2019 and is now closed for responses.