We’ve proposed changes to our Waste Management Strategy to further consider how to reduce, reuse and recycle more; reduce littering, and improve the local environment for everybody across the borough. The consultation is open to comments from 14 May to 10 June 2019.

Managing our waste better and recycling more is important

Every one percent increase in recycling achieved will save the council around £90,000 - money which could be used to fund other services, especially those supporting the most vulnerable in our community.

We are holding a conversation on the refresh of the council’s waste management strategy. This document outlines our plans for sustainable waste management until 2031.

Since the original strategy was published a number of statutory changes have been made; this means the strategy has to be updated. The borough has been looking at ways of helping residents and businesses to: reduce, reuse and recycle more; reduce littering; and improve the local environment for everybody. We have identified a list of actions that we think will achieve this.

We now want to know what residents and businesses think about our proposed actions:

  • Are they suitable and sufficient?
  • Are we focussing on the right things?
  • Could we do more and, if so, what?

We also want to hear your ideas about things you and your Community could do to reuse and recycle more as well as to look after your neighbourhood.

Important information

To find out more about our proposals and to help you when having your say, we've included the below documents for you to read through.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Monday 10 June 2019 and is now closed for responses.