Lambeth Council will deliver highway and footway improvements to the Myatts Field North Estate and create Better Streets for the local community. Design work is underway and the Council is seeking community engagement and input to the proposals.

Background information

The regeneration of the Myatts Field North Estate rebuilt much of the estate, including constructing new roads to Lambeth’s Highway standards for adoption.

This means that they can be taken over by Lambeth Highways department and added to the Vassall Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) subject to a satisfactory consultation.

The Zone V CPZ is already in operation in part of the estate and a phased approach to add the remainder of the estate roads is currently in the consultation stage.

Part of the estate was refurbished rather than rebuilt, and the existing estate roads were not reconstructed.

Alongside this public engagement exercise a statutory consultation is being undertaken in the neighbouring roads within the Myatts Field North Estate and Oval Quarter regarding their potential future inclusion in the Vassall CPZ.

To find out about these proposals please visit Vassall Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ).

Why are we consulting?

Lambeth Highways are now in the process of upgrading these roads to the necessary standards, which will deliver carriageway and footway improvements, enhancing the area and creating Better Streets within the Myatts Field North estate.

These roads are collectively referred to as Phase 3 and it is proposed to add these roads to the Zone V CPZ, subject to a satisfactory consultation in 2019.

Lambeth Highways via the LoHAC (London Highways Alliance Contract) contractor CVU, will design, build and maintain the new roads.

The roads affected are listed below:

  • Elliot Road
  • Cromwell Road (east of Henry Road)
  • Navarre Road
  • Winterslow Road
  • Fairbairn Green

You can also view the affected roads on the Myatts Field North Estate Map.

We want to hear from you

Community feedback will be taken into account regarding potential streetscape improvements, disabled user issues and any other relevant traffic and road safety issues.
The engagement exercise and responses will be summarised in a report that will be publically available online.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Friday 21 September 2018 and is now closed for responses.