We are committed to supporting development that allows everyone in Lambeth the opportunity to make the most of their property in a positive way, not just for them but for their neighbours and the community as a whole. Our draft Basement SPD is designed to provide guidance for those preparing to construct a basement storey or extend their existing basements and for neighbours of basement development.

Development constraints, high levels of development pressure and high land values in the Borough has given rise to an increasing level of below ground development, in order to achieve additional floor space within existing homes and similarly in new Construction.

Carefully considered basement constructions and extensions have the potential to improve and enhance the borough, just as poorly considered proposals can potentially cause harm.

SPDs are guidance, not policy, however they are a material consideration in the determination of planning applications and have weight in planning decision-making.

alt-text The Draft Lambeth Basement SPD elaborates, supports and provides further details on relevant policies relating to Flood Risk and Building Alterations and Extension policies, sustainable drainage, waste management and design construction, biodiversity and heritage assets - where basement development is a consideration – as set out in the Lambeth Local Plan 2015.

It sets out the councils approach to basement development in the Borough and provides clear advice and guidance on the information requirements for basement development applications and the basis on which these will be assessed at application stage, including:

  • The footprint and depth of basement construction along with other design considerations.
  • Planning requirements
  • What the planning application will be assessed upon
  • Managing impacts to neighbouring properties.
  • What neighbour involvement will be during the planning process through to building completion.
  • Signposting to relevant council departments and organisations regarding issues such as noise, dust and structural instability.

A printed copy of the SPD is available for inspection at all borough Libraries during their normal opening hours, and at the council’s office at:

Ground Floor
Phoenix House
10 Wandsworth Road

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Tell us what you think about the draft SPD. Consultation runs for 6 weeks from 23 October to 4 December 2017.

What happens next?

Your views will help us create comprehensive guidance for the development of basements in Lambeth. We will consider all the responses we receive, make changes to the final version (if appropriate) and publish your feedback together with our response.

If approved by Cabinet we expect adoption of the Lambeth Basement SPD to take place in July 2018.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Monday 4 December 2017 and is now closed for responses.