We want your views on our plans to improve parking, public realm and greening on Elliott Road, which is part of the wider Myatts Field North Better Streets project. The consultation is open to comments from 23 January to 13 February 2020. Have your say now.

As part of the council's plans to improve streets around Myatts Field North (Better Streets project), we have been reviewing the condition of the carriageway and footways in Elliott Road and are now proposing to carry out a range of highway improvement works.

The problem

Elliott Road is in a state of disrepair and there is no dedicated footway for pedestrians and disabled people and people with mobility issues have no adequate route to the surrounding neighbourhood. In order to bring the asset up to an acceptable standard, it will be necessary to do some highway improvement works. It has been judged that the existing tree roots are lifting and breaking up the carriageway and causing problems with drainage.

Any solutions that are applied with these conditions will have a reduced lifespan and effectiveness.

What has happened?

A tree survey was undertaken during the design stage of this project, where the age and health of the trees were assessed. This presented findings that a high percentage of the trees are deemed to be in poor condition, some are incurably diseased, and a number do not have more than five years of lifespan remaining. This has led to 2 trees already being felled due to a fungal infection.

The proposals


By removing the existing trees the council would be able to construct a new footway on the western side of Elliott Road and position new trees of significant maturity and size in suitable locations. The new trees would be placed in special root barriers that will avoid the same carriageway damage repeating to a newly constructed carriageway.

The risk of not removing the trees to enable Elliott Road to be reconstructed is that the road will fall into a further state of disrepair. This risk is independent of creating a new footway, as the existing tree roots would continue to break up any new resurfacing. The opportunity to provide a continuous footpath for pedestrians gives a strong reason for proposing this.

The new trees will be positioned to maximise the pedestrian areas, crossing points, and street lighting requirements. A number of species are proposed by the council’s Tree Officer and residents are invited to have an input on which species are favoured. Additional greening in the form of planters and plug plants is also proposed along the new footway.


The council would formalise parking spaces on the eastern side of the carriageway as shown in the plan overleaf. This will include space for vehicles to turn at the end of the existing cul-de-sac arrangement, including ambulances.

The risk of not introducing any form of parking arrangement is that the existing parking difficulties faced by residents would continue and it would do nothing to address obstructive parking or the commuter-parking in this part of the borough.

Double yellow lines No Waiting at Any Time would also be implemented throughout Elliott Road. The double yellow lines will:

  • Remove vehicle obstructing pedestrian movements
  • Facilitate vehicle movements in Elliott Road

View a map of the proposed changes

A statutory consultation in Spring 2020 will determine whether Elliott Road will become part of the wider Vassall Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) Zone V.

These proposals follow on from the consultation and public drop-in event that took place between August and September 2018, where residents shared their views.

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How to respond

This consultation ended on Wednesday 12 February 2020 and is now closed for responses.