We want your views on our proposals to reduce collisions on Wandsworth Road A3036. The consultation runs from 13 December 2019 to 10 January 2020. Please share your views with us in writing or by email.

What are the proposals?

We are proposing to modernise three of the traffic signalled junctions on the Wandsworth Road A3036, as part of the Council’s Collision Reduction Programme which aims to improve road safety for all types of transport but in particular for vulnerable road users including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Clusters of collisions were identified at the following three signalised crossroads. View maps of the proposed interventions

The proposals are specially designed to reduce hazards for those classed as vulnerable road users who make up 84% of these casualties: pedestrians, cyclists and those on motorbikes or scooters.

The proposals to improve road safety include:

  • Deepening the space for cyclists to wait ahead of motor vehicles at traffic signals' stop lines
  • A new green low-level signal for cyclists that is shown four seconds before that for motor vehicles
  • Improving existing cycle lane facilities and road lane marking modifications
  • Additional restrictions to address unsafe parking and loading on the proposed mandatory cycle lanes
  • Countdown displays that tell pedestrians how many seconds they have remaining to cross in safety

In forecasting a 40% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured at these junctions, these proposals support the target outcomes set out in the borough's current Local Implementation Plan and Borough Plan outcomes.

Why are we considering these proposals?

Every Highway Authority has a duty to deliver measures to reduce collisions and promote road safety. The council has set out its policies and strategies for achieving this over the coming 20 years in its draft Lambeth Transport Strategy (LTS). The junction modernisation will provide the following benefits:

  • Cyclists will have more road space allocated to them in the form of deeper advanced stoplines and cycle lanes
  • Pedestrians will benefit from wider crossings and pedestrian countdown to give assurance when crossing the road
  • Realigning the traffic lanes and changes to the junction signal method of control will make it easier to turn right with additional green time. This will address one of the key issues at all three of the junctions.

Our proposals deliver the specific strategic outcome: to reduce road danger and the number of people killed or seriously injured through targeted infrastructure improvements.

What has happened?

The Council’s Road Danger Reduction Manager reviews police reports following collisions where people are injured. Where a potential cluster or pattern in terms of location, vehicle-type, or manoeuvre is identified, an investigation study is carried out. The 2017 review identified the Wandsworth Road A3036 as likely to benefit from collision reduction measures.

Between April 2015 and May 2018, 38 road traffic collisions were recorded at the three signalised junctions below. 8% of these were classified as serious in nature. A breakdown of this can be seen below:

  • Cedars Road/Queenstown Road: 17 collisions
  • Silverthorne Road/North Street: 13 collisions
  • Union Road/Stewart's Road: 8 collisions

Although outside of the analysis period, it should be noted that a cyclist was involved in a fatal collision with a heavy goods vehicle at the junction of Wandsworth Road and Silverthorne Road in July 2019.

More information

How to respond

This consultation ended on Friday 10 January 2020 and is now closed for responses.