Following on from our previous consultation which ended in April 2018. We noted your feedback and would now like your views on our proposals. The consultation is open to comments from 1 February to 1 March 2019.

Following a previous consultation we have noted the desire for more play equipment in the play area of WNHLC.

We have obtained some funding and had some ideas drawn up by a play equipment company Playdale Playgrounds.

They have provided a detailed design plan and offered a number of exciting possibilities we would like your opinion on.

We requested a proposal that would give something extra for all age groups, but focusing on the age group that uses the existing area the most (primary school age approx. 5- 11).

The proposals in full consist of making use of the mound within the area by: * Resurfacing * Fitting an embankment slide * Fitting embankment steps * Fitting an embankment rope ramp

The proposals also include a series of adventure trail items such as:

  • A jungle walk
  • Striding stilts
  • Swinging steps x 3
  • A gravity rider (can be used by children with mobility impairments)
  • A Quad Rider in the under 5’s area
  • An inclusive orbit (a roundabout, designed to be inclusive of wheelchair users and aimed at all ages)

We hope to go ahead with all of these suggestions, however, would be interested in the level of popularity each item receives, as it is possible final space planning may mean the need to exclude an item or two from the proposals at the final stages.

We will note any overwhelming support for any suggestions to change /swap items and investigate possibilities with consideration to funding and space available.

We would hope to have implemented the new additions in time for the summer.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Friday 1 March 2019 and is now closed for responses.