Dalmore Road residents are being consulted on the installation of three speed humps, which will assist in lowering traffic speeds on the road. The consultation is open from 20 March to 21 April 2019. Have your say now.

Traffic in Dalmore Road

As you may be aware, Thurlow Park ward is part of Lambeth Council’s Our Streets programme 2018/19. This programme works with residents, businesses and your councillors to make improvements to your neighbourhood that are a priority for your community.

Dalmore Road was highlighted at an early stage as a road with high traffic speeds and volumes. In consultation with Transport for London, council officers and your ward councillors a two-phased approach has been developed to address these issues.

Phase 1: to tackle speed

Speed cushions, like those on Dalmore Road, are less effective than road humps at keeping speeds low. Some vehicles can straddle them, meaning some drivers and motorcyclists travel significantly above the 20mph speed limit.

image of a sinusoidal road hump To remedy this, we propose to remove the three sets of speed cushions and instead install three full-width, cycle-friendly, sinusoidal road humps as shown here:

Research has found that if humps are placed no more than 70 metres apart they encourage drivers to stay at low speed rather than accelerate between humps.

Phase 2: to tackle the volume of traffic

Sadly we know from past experience that if traffic is stopped from using Dalmore Road, many drivers will still make their journey by car but will divert to another route instead. Because this would be likely to particularly impact residents of Tulsemere Road and Rosendale Road, we need to consider the impact of traffic on those roads.

The changes needed to Rosendale Road to accommodate Transport for London’s Quietway 7 means we are currently not able to complete this assessment. Once we are, we will finalise options for restricting traffic in Dalmore Road and consult you and residents of any other roads which we forecast would be affected.


Q: Can I park on a road hump?
A: Yes, provided you do not obstruct someone else’s driveway.

Q: When will the humps be installed?
A: If there are no objections, we will carry out construction works in July 2019.

Q: Will road humps worsen air or noise pollution?
A: This is very unlikely (search “Local Transport Note 1/07” online for more details)

Feedback from this consultation will be collated and passed to the project team. This information will be used to decide whether there is support for the three speed humps on Dalmore Road and whether the scheme should proceed.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Sunday 21 April 2019 and is now closed for responses.