We are proposing some changes to the grounds at WNHLC to improve the safety and cleanliness of the area for children and to attract natural wildlife while maintaining a green space for our community to use.


When the Health and Leisure Centre was first built, the intention was to provide an open play area, and a surrounding wildflower meadow. Unfortunately, the fact that the play area is unfenced means that some people walk their dogs in the area, resulting in dog fouling.

Whilst we have taken steps to make sure the area is regularly cleaned, this is not a long term sustainable solution. The wildflower meadow was cut back some years ago and is now an open lawn area.


We have developed some proposals in response to feedback from local people about how they would like the space to be used.

The proposals are;

  • The erection of fencing to the play areas – this is to discourage the dog fouling that is currently taking place on a regular basis
  • Retaining the area of green lawn that is currently enjoyed by local people and families as a place to sit together – especially around the time of the West Norwood Feast.
  • Planting meadow flowers around the edge of the area to encourage bees and other wildlife.
  • Planting some new shrubbery borders around the green open space to close off the corner area and stop it being used as a walk through.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Friday 6 April 2018 and is now closed for responses.