Lambeth, Southwark, and Lewisham (LSL) want to hear your thoughts on our draft 5-year sexual and reproductive health strategy.

The strategy sets out our priority areas of work for the next 5 years and organises them as follows:

  1. Healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships
  2. Good reproductive health across the life course
  3. High quality and innovative STI testing and treatment services
  4. Living well with HIV

Please note: The strategy does not make recommendations on changes to services.

Our sexual and reproductive health and HIV services are well-attended and popular across LSL. We want to hear from sexual and reproductive health and HIV (SRH) service providers, related voluntary and community sector groups, GPs and pharmacists, school SRE/RSE leads, coordinators and staff, clinical commissioning group (CCG) staff, public health directors, consultants and specialists, commissioners, service users and LSL residents.

We’re asking you:

  1. Do you agree with each chapter’s vision, aims, outcomes and objectives?
  2. What do you want us to prioritise within each priority area within the next two years and why?
  3. What does this strategy mean for you/your organisation?
  4. Are there are any notable omissions?

We have included some documents below to help inform your response:

How to respond

We want to hear your views as this will help shape the Lambeth sexual and reproductive health strategy, you can tell us by completing our online survey below.

The LSL sexual health strategy working group will analyse feedback over the month of November and discuss how to incorporate it into the strategy. While all feedback will be read, it will be the decision of the working group to determine what can be incorporated into the structure of the strategy.

The strategy will be finalised and launched early in 2019. All respondents who leave their email will be alerted to the final strategy.

Need help accessing or completing our online consultations? You can attend our consultation drop-in session at Lambeth Town Hall, which takes place on the last Tuesday of each month

Thank you for taking the time. We look forward to receiving your responses.