Living in Lambeth? or providing Pharmaceutical services in Lambeth? and have an interest in the provision of pharmaceutical services. We would like your views.

What is a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)?

It is an assessment of pharmaceutical services located within Lambeth, and pharmaceutical services include:

  • dispensing of medicines and appliances on prescription
  • sale of medicines to the public
  • providing advice to the public on medicines, coping with ill health or general health and well being
  • receiving waste medicines for safe destruction

Some pharmaceutical services may be provided by dispensing GP practices or dispensing appliance contractors.

The PNA must be carried out every three years. Each Health and Wellbeing Board must assess the need for pharmaceutical services in its area, publish that assessment, and any revised versions.

Who are we consulting and why?

We are required to consult with any patient and consumer living in the borough, or community group within the borough, who have an interest in the provision of pharmaceutical services.

It is assumed that everyone living in Lambeth may require services provided by community pharmacies and appliance contractors.

We are therefore consulting with the entire resident population of Lambeth and welcome the views from anyone living in Lambeth or anyone providing pharmaceutical services in Lambeth.

How to respond

We welcome your views and you can share them with us by completing the Draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) survey below. Before completing the short PNA survey please see the information provided.

Please complete the short Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment survey

If you have any queries, please contact us using the email address below:

Your comments will inform the final Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment which will be produced by 1 April 2018. The final copy will be available on Lambeth Council’s website.