Our updated Local Plan needs to plan adequately for housing growth and infrastructure in Lambeth. Complete the housing growth and infrastructure survey.

Housing growth and infrastructure This consultation is your chance to tell us what you think are the issues for the partial review of the Local Plan and how you think they should be tackled.

Current policy and what needs to change

The Mayor of London sets a housing target for the number of new homes that must be built in each borough each year. Since April 2015, Lambeth’s target has been 1,559 new homes each year and we have a very good track record in meeting and exceeding this target. We expect the Mayor’s new London Plan to set a higher target and our revised Local Plan needs to plan adequately for this level of housing growth and make sure we:

  • safeguard and secure enough land in the right places for businesses which provide essential jobs and service
  • plan for the infrastructure needed to support more people living and working in the borough - transport, schools, GP surgeries, energy, water and waste management
  • protect and improve the health and well-being of people through every new development that is built
  • prevent harm to the environment and improve it at every opportunity
  • plan for particular accommodation needs of different people, such as families, students, older people, gypsies and travellers
  • secure good quality accommodation that is fit to live in and attractive to look at

The current Lambeth Local Plan covers most of these issues but there are aspects that need updating to manage the growth in population and new housing.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Monday 4 December 2017 and is now closed for responses.