We are consulting on a partial review of the Local Plan 2015.

Lambeth is a great place to live, work and invest because of its location, its people, its character and assets. Building more housing, increasing the number of businesses and employment opportunities and improving air quality and transport in the borough will improve opportunities for local residents.

Our existing Local Plan, adopted in 2015, contains a strong vision for the development of the borough to improve opportunities for local people. It sets the planning policies for the borough and much of it is still up to date and effective. However, changes to national planning law and policy, a full review of the London Plan and changes in Lambeth mean parts of our Local Plan need to be reviewed. We also need to ensure we meet our borough-wide priorities of inclusive growth, reduced inequality and strong and sustainable communities.

Our updated Lambeth Local Plan, together with the Mayor of London’s London Plan and neighbourhood plans, will set out the vision and robust planning policies needed to direct and guide development in the borough over the next 15 years to meet our future needs.

Review Timetable

There is a legal process for the partial review of the Local Plan which includes consultation on key issues and on proposed new wording. The reviewed Plan also needs to be examined by an independent planning inspector against four nationally-set tests of soundness. If the inspector is satisfied with the updated Plan, the council can adopt it.

We have to develop a sustainability appraisal of the Plan as it goes through the partial review process to check it is meeting key social, economic and environmental objectives. This will include assessing impacts on equality and on health and wellbeing. The sustainability appraisal will also undergo examination.

The Mayor of London is expected to publish a new draft London Plan in November 2017, which will be examined during 2018 for final publication in 2019. Our Local Plan Review will run just behind this timetable so we can make sure our updated policies are consistent with those in the new London Plan.

We are at the beginning of this process, which will take about two years to complete.

When Stage
Autumn 2017 Consultation on issues for the partial review
Autumn 2018 Consultation on revised Local Plan wording
Spring 2019 Publication of Proposed Submission version
Summer 2019 Submission for Independent Examination
Autumn 2019 Examination
Spring 2020 Adoption of updated Local Plan
Ongoing Sustainability appraisal

How to respond

This consultation ended on Monday 4 December 2017 and is now closed for responses.