Lambeth Council would like to introduce measures in your area to facilitate a quietway cycle route connecting Waterloo to Greenwich. The measures would improve conditions for people to cycle but would also bring other benefits such better conditions for pedestrians, reduced motor traffic, and tree planting.

Lambeth is proposing:

  • De-cluttering the area by removing old and redundant signs and posts. We started this last autumn by removing bollards on Cornwall Road during footway renewal works but intend to do more
  • Plant up to 50 new trees along Cornwall Road and Webber Street. In most cases these would be silver birch. Potential locations are already marked on kerbs with a green ‘T’
  • Introduce cycle-friendly speed bumps on Cornwall Road to keep speeds of all vehicles, including cycles, below 20mph
  • Install netting to prevent pigeons from roosting under the bridge on Cornwall Road
  • Make changes to the existing speed table under the bridge on Cornwall Road that will force cyclists to slow down at this point. The changes would also make more space for pedestrians by increasing the footway on Sandell Street
  • Prevent rat running on Cornwall Road by making Alaska Street 'No-Entry Except For Cycles' and closing Exton Street at the junction with Waterloo Road. Local access to Cornwall Road would be via Stamford Street or Alaska Street from Waterloo Road

How to respond

This consultation ended on Monday 30 March 2015 and is now closed for responses.

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