We want to improve cycle parking as part of our transport plan, providing new and existing cyclists with secure overnight cycle parking by introducing Lambeth bike hangars. With this consultation we want to assess the need for cycle parking and identify possible parking locations.

What is the Lambeth bike hangar?

The Lambeth bike hangar is a secure cycle parking unit designed by Lambeth Council and Cyclehoop Ltd.

Each hangar stores six bikes and takes up the space of half a car parking space. We usually try to install two next to each other providing 12 secure spaces for one parking space.

One space costs £42 per year to rent with a £20 refundable key deposit. The £42 charge pays for the initial set up, registration, key distribution, maintenance and support for the whole year.

You will need to ask your insurance provider if they will cover your bike while in the hangar. Cycle hangars are made from weather-proof materials and should last indefinitely if looked after. They are maintained four times a year. The lid is held up by gas pistons and is easy to lift and close.

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Consultation results

The first wave of the secure cycling parking consultation took place from 26 May ro 13 June 2014.

  • There was an overall response rate of 11%
  • 65% of respondents cycle and 30% of respondents cycle several times a week
  • 39% of respondents store their bikes indoors, while 19% use their garden for storage
  • 70% are in favour of secure overnight parking
  • 42% volunteered to have the cycle hangar outside their house

Respondents are generally positive about all aspects of the scheme. There are concerns that a bike hangar will adversely affect parking available in areas already experiencing parking stress. Some respondents thought £42 a year was a bit expensive. Others commented that the appearance of a bike hangar will distort the aesthetic look of the area and attract thieves.

Overall a good portion of the residents thought the proposed secure cycle parking was a great idea.

Consultation report - first wave

Consultation report - second wave

How to respond

This consultation ended on Friday 18 July 2014 and is now closed for responses.