The Somerleyton Road project is a new way of building and managing homes, community facilities, a theatre and more. We want to understand whether this project achieves what it set out to do.

The project is a unique partnership between Lambeth Council, Brixton Green and Ovalhouse. We want to understand whether this project achieves what the partnership and the local community set out to do, and what works (or doesn't work so well) for future developments.

Social Life - a research company based in Elephant and Castle, are doing independent research to find this out. They will be carrying out research over the next few months and repeating it in three years time.

There are three activities taking place over the next few months:

  • Social Life has already started talking directly to residents, traders, and local organisations
  • Other Brixton residents can share their views using an online tool called Commonplace - go to to comment
  • Social Life will do a survey of residents living within a 200m radius of the centre of Somerleyton Road

they will be asking:

  1. What people feel about the area immediately around Somerleyton Road
  2. What people think about the Somerleyton Road project

They will repeat the research in three years to see what impact the development has had over time, and how attitudes towards the area and towards the development have changed. Findings will be published for everyone to read.

Find out more about the Somerleyton Road project on Future Brixton

How to respond

This consultation ended on Tuesday 1 September 2015 and is now closed for responses.