It won't be possible to fulfill every one of your requests but we need your input to help us identify areas where socially distancing is most difficult in your local area. We will then be able to direct our limited resources to where they are most needed.

During lock-down the need to socially distance has changed how we travel, and use our streets. There have been much lower levels of motor traffic on our roads and more people walking and cycling. But police have also recorded a significant increase in motorists' speeding, which poses a danger to those on foot or bike.

The pandemic has also brought into sharp focus the narrow width of many of our pavements, which makes it hard for people to socially distance without also using the carriageway. We have already taken action at some locations.

We are asking the public to help us identify potential areas where pavement widening will help to maintain social distancing.

Please note: As this is a data-gathering exercise, the end date listed covers the initial 6-month period of our transport emergency response. We may close the Commonplace to comments sooner than this as we follow up our initial temporary response with medium to long term measures to protect residents.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Sunday 15 November 2020 and is now closed for responses.