We are working with TfL to create a thriving centre for Vauxhall. Proposals include removing the one-way traffic system around Vauxhall Cross and returning the streets to two-way working, and making improvements to the rail, bus and tube interchange. Share your views to help shape the designs we take forward next year.

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Vauxhall in the future: what you've told us

In 2012, we consulted widely on our Supplementary Planning Document for Vauxhall.

Since then, TfL and Lambeth have been listening to your views.

You’ve told us:

  • You value and want to retain and improve the features of the main public transport interchange
  • You want a real centre for Vauxhall – a more attractive, safer place, better connected to the river and surrounding green spaces
  • You want bus stops kept together
  • You want more shops, services and restaurants and cafes
  • You want to celebrate and support Vauxhall’s existing character, culture, communities and businesses

Our proposals include:

  • Two-way working on the roads immediately surrounding the transport interchange – Wandsworth Road, Parry Street, Kennington Lane, South Lambeth Road – to make routes through the area simpler and safer. This removes westbound traffic on the Inner Ring Road from South Lambeth Road, Parry Street and Wandsworth Road
  • Reversal of the one-way system at Harleyford Road, Durham Street, Kennington Lane *Maintaining and improving the rail, tube and bus interchange: Changes would be required to the current bus station (including removing the existing bus canopy), but buses would continue to run through the centre of the area to retain the benefits of short walking distances between rail, tube and bus stops; bus stops would still be kept together, with weather-cover, good travel information and other facilities
  • New and improved public spaces: By changing the road layout we will be able to provide new public spaces including more places to eat, shop and spend time in the centre of Vauxhall and along Albert Embankment. This will bring opportunities for existing local businesses and new ones. These public spaces will be linked by safer, larger and less cluttered footways throughout the centre and improved connections to the river

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How to respond

This consultation ended on Friday 19 December 2014 and is now closed for responses.