We are looking to make some improvements in Vauxhall Park to bring it up-to-date and also to reinvigorate existing heritage features.

The vision of this proposal is to create a balance between retaining, protecting and enhancing Vauxhall Park's historic character, assets and features, whilst embracing new integrative opportunities for all. this includes improving and diversifying park functions to meet future needs and expectations.

Principle proposals are:

  1. Circular Route around the park: Introduce a circular path network to allow visitors to spend time enjoying and walking around the whole park and improve existing path surfaces.
  2. Sport fitness and games area: Improve underutilised area near Lawn Lane by creating a new sports, fitness and games area.
  3. Heritage boundary treatments: Replace existing low-quality wire mesh perimeter fence on South Lambeth Road, to match with Victorian style fencing on Fentiman Road. Improve buffer planting and plant new trees. Improve entrance at Lawn Lane by removing the wall and opening up sightlines into the park.
  4. Railings and park character management: Adjusting the fence within the park to improve and create new functions and spaces for walking, playing, sitting, resting and exercising, sports and dog walking. One aim is to increase light levels, accessibility and create a series of new pocket gardens.
  5. South Lambeth Road dog area - park options: Provide options on whether to retain or remove dog exercise area.
  6. Play area options: Form a new landscape of play; introduce new equipment and enable natural play within the park. Provide options on the type of play equipment and layout.
  7. Tree and planting strategy and enhancement of heritage features: Restore, enhance and protect heritage features and tress around the park.

Please view the Vauxhall Park proposal document for a more detailed look at the proposals.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Tuesday 18 July 2017 and is now closed for responses.