If you're the only person over 18 in your home, you may be entitled to claim a 25 per cent reduction on your Council Tax bill.

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Who can use this service

To qualify for the discount you must have already registered with us to pay Council Tax in Lambeth.

You can get 25 per cent off your Council Tax bill if:

  • you're counted as an adult for Council Tax and live on your own
  • no-one else in your home is counted as an adult for Council Tax - see who doesn't count as an adult.

What you need to know...

After you’ve applied for the discount, you must still pay the amount on your Council Tax bill until you hear from us.

If we don't give you the discount and you think we should have, you can make an appeal - fill in our contact us enquiry form to do this.

Checking you're still entitled to the discount

We'll check every year that you're still entitled to the discount. We may cancel your discount if you don't reply when we contact you.

For audit purposes, we check all discounts with third party credit reference agencies.

Tell us about a change

Cancel your single person discount online if you no longer qualify for the reduction.

You may have to pay a fine if you don’t tell us you're no longer entitled the discount.