Apply for a student discount or exemption from Council Tax if you’re a full-time student or one or more students live in your home.

Full time students are not required to pay council tax if they live in a property entirely occupied by students.

If you live in a student hall provided by your university or college then you don't need to apply.

Discounts may apply to properties with a mixture of students and non-students.

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Who can use this service

If you’re over 20 years old, then your courses must:

  • last at least 24 weeks
  • involve at least 21 hours study a week
  • be at a recognised educational establishment.

If you’re under 20, then your courses must:

  • last at least three months
  • involve at least 12 hours study per week.

What you need to know...

Before you start

You'll need the:

  • address and postcode of the property
  • university address and course information
  • names of all adults over 18 living at the property
  • date each person moved in
  • details of your landlord, housing association or agent if the property is rented.

You’ll also need to provide a student certificate from your university or college.

If there are two or more students applying, you should send the documents to us using the Council Tax enquiry form and quote the reference code for your student Council Tax form – this will start with LGS.