Standard Council Tax instalments are spread over a 10 month period from April to January, but you can request that your payments are made over 12 months.

If you move home between 1 May and 31 December, the number of instalments will be one less than the number of months remaining in the current Council Tax year.

If your bill is issued between 1 January and 31 March, the Council Tax will be payable in a single instalment.

The list below shows how many instalments you'll have depending on when you move to your new property and when you receive your bill.

  • April - 10
  • May - 9
  • June - 8
  • July - 7
  • August - 6
  • September - 5
  • October - 4
  • November - 3
  • December - 2
  • January - 1
  • February - 1
  • March - 1

Read the sections below to find out how you can make a request to spread the cost of your Council Tax bill.

Pay in 12 instalments

You can request to pay your Council Tax over 12 monthly instalments from April to March, instead of 10.

Contact us to change the number of your instalments.

Late requests

If we receive your request after April, your instalments will be spread over the remaining months of the year until March.

When your next annual bill is issued, you will automatically receive the full 12 month instalments.

Make a payment arrangement

If you don't think you'll be able to pay your Council Tax with the number of instalments you have, you can offer an alternative payment plan.

The options available to you include increasing your monthly instalments or paying smaller amounts more frequently.

The arrangement you suggest must not go beyond 31 March as this is when the Council Tax year ends. Any requests that go beyond this date will be rejected.

To make a payment arrangement you'll need to use mylambeth.

If you need to register for a mylambeth account, you'll also have to add your Council Tax account - find out how to do this on the Manage your Council Tax online page.

If you already have a mylambeth account and have linked your Council Tax account, you can access the form by:

  1. Logging in mylambeth
  2. Clicking on your Council Tax account number
  3. On the next screen clicking on '1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019' - this will take you in the Council Tax portal
  4. Clicking on the button 'Make an offer of payment'.