Register for Council Tax in Lambeth, or tell us that you or someone else in your household is moving in, out, or to another address within Lambeth.

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Use the Moving home form:

  • if you're moving into the borough from another area
  • if this will be the first time you’re responsible for paying Council Tax
  • if you were responsible for Council Tax at your old address and are moving within Lambeth
  • if you are moving out of Lambeth

Moving home form

Before you start you’ll need your:

  • bank details if you want to set up a direct debit to pay your Council Tax
  • landlord or agent’s details and any joint tenant details if you’re a tenant
  • solicitors and any joint owner’s details if you’re the owner.

Next Steps

Once you’ve filled in the form, you’ll receive an email confirmation that we’ve received your application. Your Council Tax bill should arrive by post within three weeks. It will detail your Council Tax account number and monthly instalments. If you a set up a Direct Debit to pay your bill, you’ll receive a separate letter about this to confirm the Direct Debit is in place.

If you have left a property, we'll send a final bill showing how much you need to pay to settle your balance or if you're owed a refund. If your account is in credit we can transfer this amount to your new account. If you’re moving home but other people are staying at the property, we’ll close the existing Council Tax account and open a new one with a different reference number for the remaining occupants. We'll also transfer any credits between your old and new accounts. If you are due a Council Tax refund and you paid your Council Tax by direct debit, this will automatically be refunded to your bank account. You will need to apply for a refund if you pay by methods other than direct debit. Read more about refunds in general on the information on our Council Tax refunds page.

Single person discount

If you are about to become the only adult living at the property, you can apply for a single person discount and remove anyone else from the account.

Apply for the discount

If you receive a single person discount and another adult is moving into your home, fill in the single person discount cancellation form.

Cancel your discount

If the circumstances are more complex, or you want to tell us that someone is moving abroad, you can fill in the Council Tax enquiry form. Please note: this is not a dedicated form. Ignore the suggested link that will bring you back to this page and click on "None of this has helped me". You can then use the Enquiry field to tell us details as suggested below. Please tell us as much as you can, so that we can avoid having to ask further questions and delaying your change.

Fill in our enquiry form

Please provide relevant details such as:

  • your Council Tax reference number
  • the property address
  • the names of the people you want to add
  • the date the discount should be removed from
  • if the person is a joint tenant, owner or neither
  • the person's previous address.
  • the names of people leaving and staying the property
  • your account reference number
  • the property address
  • the date you leave the property
  • the address you’re moving to.

You also need to tell us if you're:

  • renting the property you currently live in and the name of the landlord
  • selling the property and who to
  • moving out, but keeping the property.