Tell us your moving out of Lambeth so we can close your Council Tax account and send you a final bill.

Do it online

Only use this form if you're moving to another address in the UK.

Who can use this service

You can use the change of address form to tell us you're moving to another address in the UK.

If you're moving abroad you won't be able to use this form - read the section below on 'What to do if you're moving abroad'.

What you need to know...

Before you start

You’ll need your:

  • Council Tax reference number
  • landlord or agent’s details and any joint tenant details if you've been a tenant
  • solicitors and any joint owner’s details if you’re or selling the property.

If you have any difficulty completing the form, contact us on 0345 302 2312 or fill in our enquiry form.

What to do if you're moving abroad

Tell us you're moving abroad by filling in our enquiry form.

The details you'll need to include are:

  • the names of people leaving and staying the property
  • your account reference number
  • the property address
  • the date you leave the property
  • the address you’re moving to.

You also need to tell us if you're:

  • renting the property you currently live in and the name of the landlord
  • selling the property and who to
  • moving out, but keeping the property.

Next Steps

We'll send a final bill showing how much you need to pay to settle your balance or if you're owed a refund.