We aim to deliver high performance and value for money in the way we provide services to our residents. To do this, we measure and monitor our performance against a number of key indicators.

How we're performing in 2018-19

Rent collection

So far this year we have collected £32.5 million in rent, a collection rate of 99.56 per cent. This is meeting our target of 99 per cent.

Leaseholder service charge collection

So far this year we have collected £3.0 million in service charges, a collection rate of 107.8 per cent. This is well above our target of 105 per cent.

Repairs satisfaction

In the last 12 months we surveyed 4,077 residents who received a response repair and 85.3 per cent of them said they were happy with the quality of the repair work. This is just below our target of 90 per cent.

Time taken to complete repairs

We have completed 13843 repairs jobs in resident’s homes so far this year. On average responsive repairs have been completed in 6.8 days which is well within our target of 11.5 days.

Calls answered on time

Our contact centre answered 86.6 per cent of calls in less than 20 seconds. We aim to answer 80 per cent of calls within 20 seconds.


We have answered 58.5 per cent of local resolution complaints on time. This is below our target of 90 per cent.

Gas safety

In June 99.3 per cent of properties had a gas safety certificate less than a year old. Just below our target of 100 per cent.

Re-let times

We've let empty homes in an average of 22.0 days. Our target for this is 24 days.

Members' enquiries

We have answered 82.2 per cent of members' enquiries in less than ten days. Our target for this is 90 per cent.

Housing management performance reports

You can read how we've performed on a monthly basis in the reports below.