A chance to review how we carry out our services due to contracts expiring.

What’s happening?

As you may be aware, several contracts which provide housing services to the London Borough of Lambeth’s tenants and homeowners are soon to expire. As several contracts are expiring at the same time, we have used the opportunity to review how we deliver the services by looking at and considering all delivery options.

The review led to a decision to seek to procure eight new contracts as follows:

Contract 1: Responsive repairs and maintenance
Contract 2: Lift repairs and maintenance
Contract 3: Capital works and planned maintenance
Contract 4: Block cleaning and concierge
Contract 5: External cleansing
Framework 1: Bespoke Capital works (building/estate structure)
Framework 2: Bespoke Capital works (mechanical and electrical services)
Framework 3: Multi-disciplinary consultancy services

This will result in a service redesign with a radically different structure that has an ethos focused on strong contract management and governance – including the establishment of a dedicated contract scrutiny and cost management team.

How can I get involved?

We'll be working with residents throughout the procurement process. If you're interested in taking part, please sign-up to the Lambeth 500+ and state your interest in the housing services procurement process. A Lambeth representative will be in contact when any relevant opportunities for involvement arise. There will be different ways you can get involved – from answering a quick online survey to attending design workshops.

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