Details of the council's leasehold building insurance policy.

The council's leasehold building insurance policy is administered by the council on behalf of our insurers, NIG.

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1. Leasehold insurance enquiries

You can make an enquiry or update your details in relation to your leasehold insurance using our leasehold insurance enquiry form.

2. Building insurance cover

The Leaseholder's Summary of Cover is sent out to all leaseholders at the start of the financial year and should be read in accordance with the NIG policy document.

The summary of cover lists what is covered by the policy, the sums insured figure and the premium which leaseholders pay with their service charges.

'Sum Insured' is the maximum extent of an insurers' liability under a contract of indemnity. Indemnity is the legal principal which ensures that an insured is restored to the same financial position as he was immediately prior to the loss.

Every year we send a building insurance schedule to all leaseholders with details of their policy coverage and how to make a claim. We ask leaseholders to keep hold of these details so that they have all of the information to hand in the event that they need to make a claim.

You can request a copy of your building insurance schedule from Lambeth Risk and Insurance:

020 7926 9330
Lambeth Risk and Insurance

You should keep your building insurance cover in a safe place.

3. Making a building insurance claim

A leaseholder can make a claim against their leasehold building insurance policy by calling the insurers, NIG, directly on the claims helpline telephone number: 0800 051 0233 (during office hours) providing their name, leasehold property address and policy number.

The policy number is 5884011

For emergencies outside normal office hours call:

0800 051 0233

All claims must be made within 90 days of the damage occurring. Failure to notify the insurers within 90 days from date of occurrence will invalidate your claim on the grounds of late notification.

You are not required to complete a claim form or provide estimates of damage. Once reported to the insurers they will deal directly with the leaseholder regarding the claim and they will advise whether the damage is included under the policy cover and on how to carry out repairs etc.

If you have any queries regarding your claim you will need to contact NIG directly on the above number quoting your claim reference number, name, leasehold property address and policy number.

4. Complaints about council leaseholder's insurance enquiries

If you are not satisfied with the way your enquiry was dealt with, then quoting the policy number please write to:

The Chief Executive
Churchill Court
Westmoreland Road

If you are dissatisfied with their response, you may write to the Risk and Insurance section.

The first £0 each and every claim increasing to £1,000 in respect of Subsidence which will apply per unit of accommodation.

Where a leak has occurred from a leasehold flat causing structural damage to the property below, the proprietors of the damaged property should contact NIG on the claims helpline telephone number: 0800 051 0233.

For general advice you may wish to contact Risk and Insurance on 020 7926 9330

As a leaseholder, you are covered for damage to your window or door glass. It is Lambeth Council’s responsibility, as the freeholder, to maintain the window frames and the roof.

5. Home contents insurance

We do not insure any of the home contents that belong to a leaseholder. The leaseholder is responsible for ensuring they have adequate contents insurance cover to safeguard their personal belongings.

6. Subletting your property

You must always notify the council and complete an intention to sublet form:

If you sublet your property, you are responsible for ensuring that the let conforms to the Lambeth Council lease agreement.

The property shall be let for no less than six months.

Failure to notify of a sublet property could invalidate the building insurance policy of that property.

A formal tenancy agreement shall exist between the owner and the tenant and you should obtain references of your future tenants.

7. Your questions on leaseholder’s insurance answered

My mortgage lender has advised that I should insure the building through them, is this possible?

No, under the terms of your lease Lambeth as the freeholder is responsible for insuring the building.

Will my cover change if I sublet my property?

Yes, you will no longer have accidental damage cover

Accidental damage cover is excluded from the policy whilst the property is lent, let or sublet (in whole or part) to someone other than the owner.

Will my premium change if I sublet my property?

No, subletting your leasehold property will not affect your premium. It is important that you complete the Leasehold Sublet Properties form and return it to the Risk and Insurance section. Failure to notify of a sublet property could invalidate the building insurance policy of that property.

A hard copy can be obtained by contacting either the Risk and Insurance section or Homeownership at Lambeth.

The completed form should be returned to:

Risk and Insurance
London Borough of Lambeth
PO Box 734 Winchester SO23 5DG

What excess do I have?

The first £0 each and every claim increasing to £1,000 in respect of Subsidence which will apply per unit of accommodation.

Another leasehold property is leaking into my leasehold property. What do I do?

A leak from a leasehold property into another leasehold property is a matter between the two owners. If you experience a leak please speak to your neighbour about it and contact NIG Insurers.

There is a leak from a communal source: roof/communal water tank into my leasehold property. Who do I contact?

Leaseholder to contact NIG (0800 051 0233) and notify Housing Management (020 7926 6000) of the leak. Lambeth to repair source of leak and provide job order number to the leaseholder. Leaseholder should then pass on the job order number to NIG as proof of completion.

My leasehold property is leaking into a tenanted property. What do I do?

Leaseholder to arrange plumber to fix leak and advise NIG of incident within a 90 day notice period.

The tenant to report leak to Housing Management. Lambeth will arrange repairs to tenanted property.

Lambeth may send an invoice for the works to tenanted property direct to leaseholder for reimbursement. The Leaseholder would have informed their insurers of the incident and they should arrange reimbursement.

Any damage caused to the contents of a tenant does not fall within this policy and must be claimed for directly from the leaseholder.

Is my boiler covered under the buildings insurance policy?

No, the damage caused by the water from the boiler is covered eg damaged flooring but not the boiler.

My pipe has burst am I covered?

If a pipe bursts you are covered for the damage that the water causes but not the repair of the pipe.

My pipe is leaking. How is it located?

When tracing the leak of the pipe, the digging up of concrete and the repairing is covered by the insurer. There is a £6,000 limit for trace and access. The repair of the pipe when found is not covered.

Tracing a gas leak is not covered you should contact your gas supplier on their emergency number which can usually be found on a statement or bill.

What can I do to prevent escape of water in my property?

When you leave the home for any length of time (especially during the winter months) and it is to remain unoccupied, turn off the water system and drain.

Lag your exposed water pipes and tanks.

Do not insulate under a water tank, as this may cause the water to freeze.

Should your pipe work show signs of freezing, thaw them out slowly. Do not use a blow lamp or other naked flame.

Make sure you know where the stop cock is and that it works.

Escape of water damage is excluded from the policy, after the property has been unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days.