Your lease says that you have to get written permission from us if you make any structural alterations to your home.

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Costs for this service

The cost for this service is £400.

What you need to know...

Requirements for application

To get our permission, you’ll need to:

  • make a written request
  • include a description of the work, with drawings of the existing and proposed design
  • include copies of planning or building control consent, if these are needed
  • pay an application fee.

We might need to send a building surveyor to inspect your property before giving consent for the work to go ahead. If we don’t permit the work, we’ll tell you the reason why.

During and after the work

Any alterations must meet our standards and be carried out by qualified tradespeople.

You’ll need to:

  • ensure that work is carried out during normal hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) so as not to disturb other residents
  • make sure that any building waste or rubble is removed

We might need to arrange for a surveyor to inspect your property after the work is finished.

You’ll still have to get planning permission and building regulations approval separately, if these are required for the type of work you’re doing.