The Lambeth Housing Standard (LHS) is the standard for how modern, warm, dry and safe Lambeth homes should be.

Since 2012 we have been carrying out a programme of internal and external works on Lambeth homes, estates and streets.

We have developed a programme of works to bring remaining homes across the central area of the borough up to LHS standards. This programme is based on the most recent stock condition surveys carried out on your homes in 2015-16.

The works that we have coming up are shown below. You can see more details of the works, including specific blocks or addresses affected via the spreadsheets at the bottom of the page.

Capital programme 2018/19

Estate/ property Description Start date
23-25 Loughborough Road, 9-19 Frazier Street , Greenham Close Windows, doors and brickwork Sep-18
Paulet Road' China Walk Estate, Spurgeon Estate Kitchen and bathroom Jul-18
Barnsbury House External doors Jun-18
Bobbin Close flats Window replacement May-18
Canterbury Gardens Replace the controlled door entry systems Oct-18
Claremont Estate East, Claremont Estate West, Sommerville Court Estate, Stanthorpe Close Estate Full rewiring and replacement of landlords electrical services Nov-18
Clarence Avenue Estate, Solon Estate To re-run the gas services to the roof mounted boiler rooms, on each of the four blocks Jul-18
Cotton Gardens Estate To re-run the gas services to the roof mounted boiler rooms, on each of the three blocks Jan-19
Holland Whitebeam Estate Replacement of heating distribution system and upgrading of in flat heating system Nov-18
Leigham Court Estate Roof repairs/renewal, window repairs and associated external works Aug-19
Nelson Row Kitchen, bathroom and electrics May-18
Northwood House Estate To re-run the gas services to the roof mounted boiler rooms, on each block Oct-18
Renton Close Estate Full rewiring and replacement of landlord's electrical services Nov-18
Roupell Park, Blenheim Gardens Kitchen, bathroom and electrics Jul-18
Rusper Court Estate Replacement of cold water tanks and upgrading of tank room Oct-18
Southwyck House The replacement of two lifts serving the block Dec-18
Street properties phase 2: Lilford Road, Loughborough Road, St Johns Road External work at Liford Road, Lougborough Road and St Johns Road Apr-18
Various estates Programming of the remote fob system Nov-18
Various sites across the borough Front entrance doors and associated actions from fire risk assesments Apr-18
Vauxhall Gardens Estate Replacement of existing water booster sets and upgrading of plant room Oct-18
Woodvale Estate Windows, walls, roof, external decorations Sep-19
York Hill Estate The replacement of the underground water main Oct-18

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