We manage lock-up garages across the borough.

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Who can use this service

This service can be used by:

  • Lambeth Housing tenants and leaseholders
  • non council tenants and homeowners - all other Lambeth residents.

Costs for this service

Garages cost:

  • £19 per week for Lambeth Council tenants
  • £22.50 per week for Lambeth Council leaseholders
  • £36 per week for other residents (non council tenants and homeowners).

What you need to know...

Paying for your garage

The rent for your allocated garage is not included in your rent. You will need to set up payments for this rent as well as the rent for your home.

The quickest, easiest and most secure way to pay the rent for your garage is by Direct Debit. To set this up call the Central Income Team on 020 7926 0820 or the housing call centre on 020 7926 6000.

Conditions of renting a garage

To rent a garage you must:

  • have a clear rent or service charge account (no arrears)
  • keep a car in your garage – we will not let garages for storage purposes
  • show us up-to-date vehicle documents including vehicle registration, SORN if applicable, MOT and insurance
  • rents are for a minimum of six months - if you want to end the rent of your garage you must give us 28 days written notice.

For more information read our garage tenancy terms and conditions.

Contact us

You can contact us on on 020 7926 6000 or email garages@lambeth.gov.uk.