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1. Estates where permits are required

Estate Name Area Office Permits per Household Additional Info
306 South Lambeth Road North Area 1
341-355 Brixton Road Central Area 1
Arlington Lodge Central Area N/A The bays are paid for individually so no parking permits should be issued.
Ascot Court Central Area 1
Berridge Road Estate South Area 1
Black Prince Road North Area 1
Bonham Central Area 1
Bowlands Road Central Area 2
Briant Estate North Area 1
Brighton Terrace Central Area 1
Broadgate Court North Area 1
Brockwell Park Central Area 1
Canterbury Gardens Central Area 1 Metropolitan residents of Angela Carter Close are entitled to parking permits at Broadoak Court
Carfax Estate Central Area 1
Charles Barry Close Central Area 1
Cheshire South Area 1 Not entitled to Visitor Scratch Cards. Parking permits issued to Blue Badge holders only.
China Walk North Area 1
Clapham Manor Central Area 1
Clapham Road North Area 2
Clarence Avenue Central Area 1
Conway House South Area 1
Cotton Garden North Area 1
Cressingham Central Area 1
Crewsdon Road North Area 1
Culpepper Court North Area 1
Deauville Court and Deauville Mansions Central Area 1
Dumbarton Central Area 1
Edmundsbury Central Area 2
Fenwick North Area 1 Not entitled to Visitor Scratch Cards
Foxley North Area 1
Gaskell Street North Area 2
Gauden North Area 1
Greenham North Area 1
Heath Road Central Area 2 SUSPENDED
Hemans North Area 2
Hertford Estate Central Area 1
Holland Town North Area 2
Hornbeam North Area 1
Hurst Street Central Area 1
Larkhall North Area 2
Lilford Central Area 1
Lothian Estate North Area 1
Macaulay Central Area 1
Magnolia Place Central Area 1
Mawbey Brough North Area 2
Meath Estate Central Area 1
Melbourne Mews Estate North Area 2
Mursell North Area 2
Nelson Row Central Area 1
Notre Dame Central Area 2
Oaklands Central Area 1
Park Hill Central Area 1
Paulet Road North Area N/A Permits should not be issued as there are no parking bays. Enforcement to stop anti-social parking.
Penwith Manor North Area 1
Poynders Gardens Central Area 2 Full enforcement begins on 22 October 2018.
Railton Road Central Area 2
Renton Close Central Area 1
Rusper Court North Area 1
Saxby Central Area 1
Sinclair Central Area 1
Sisulu Place North Area 1 LEFT THE SCHEME
Solon Central Area 2
South Lambeth North Area 1
Southwyck House Central Area 1
Springfield Estate North Area 1
Spurgeon North Area 2
St Alphonsus North Area 1
St Matthews Central Area 2
Tanswell North Area 1
Union Road North Area 1 Surcot House only, not Haltone House
Vauxhall Gardens Estate North Area 1 Excludes Braham, Grover, Leary, Simpson and Vernon Houses
Walnut Tree Walk North Area 1
Weir Central Area 1
Westbury Central Area 1
Whitgift North Area 1
Willard Central Area 1
William Bonney Central Area 1
Wiltshire Road Central Area 1
Wiseman Court South Area 1
Wyvil North Area 2

2. Permit prices

One year resident permits are £31.79.

Visitor’s Scratch Cards cost £1.50 each and are available in books of 10, 20 or 50. You can buy a maximum of 50 scratch cards per month. Each scratch card is valid for one day.

You will need to buy scratch cards for visitors, except on Fenwick and Cheshire estates, where scratch cards are not issued and are not accepted.

Buying permits when you are in rent or service charge arrears

Tenants with more than one week's rent arrears and leaseholders with more than one month’s service charges in arrears cannot be issued with a permit.

You may be issued with a permit if you have an agreement to pay off your rent or service charge arrears, and have kept to the agreement for six months or more.

You can still buy visitor scratch cards.

3. Where to buy permits

You can’t buy permits or scratch cards online or over the phone. You need to buy them from the Lambeth North Area Housing Office, or the Brixton Customer Centre. You need to book an appointment for the Brixton Customer Centre.

Proof you need to bring

For Estate Parking Permits:

  • driver's licence
  • proof of address (utility bill, council tax bill or tenancy agreement)
  • vehicle registration (V5)
  • MOT certificate
  • insurance certificate (yearly)
  • statutory off road notice (SORN), if applicable.

For visitor’s scratch cards:

  • driver's licence, passport or birth certificate
  • proof of address (utility bill, council tax bill or tenancy agreement)

All proofs must correspond to the address on the estate where the permit is required.

If you are not on the household tenancy, or you rent the property from a leaseholder, you will need a signed letter of permission from the main tenant or the leaseholder.

If you lose your permit, you will need to buy a new one.

4. Displaying your permit

You need to display your permit or scratch card Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm, with the exception of Holland Town and Hurst Street Estate, which have enforcement Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Our parking contractor, APCOA, patrols at these times.

Permits and scratch cards should be clearly and prominently displayed in the windscreen with all the details visible and legible.

5. Fines for not displaying a permit

If you don’t display a permit or scratch card, you will be issued with a parking ticket and required to pay a fine.

An estate parking fine is £65 if paid within 14 days, rising to £130 after 14 days.

To appeal a fine, complete the appeal form on the rear of the ticket and follow the printed instructions.

6. Changing your car or moving address

If you change your car or move address, you will need to obtain and pay for a new permit. Estate Parking Permits are not transferrable and there is no refund for time left on the old permit.

If you sell your car, no full or partial refund is possible.

7. Untaxed, SORN cars

You can but a permit, but you need to get the permission of the Neighbourhood Housing Manager to park your car on the estate. The car cannot be in a poor or unsafe condition. This will only be agreed in exceptional circumstances.

8. Motorcycles and mopeds

You don’t need a permit for motorcycles or mopeds, but they must be parked correctly and abide by the general rules regarding estate parking.

9. Company or rental vehicles

If you have a company car, you will need an original, signed letter from your employer on letter-headed paper giving the full vehicle details and stating that you are the exclusive driver and keeper of the vehicle. You will also need the V5 vechile registration.

If you are renting a car, you will need to bring in your current vehicle lease agreement, showing that you are the named driver and keeper of the vehicle.

10. Blue Badge holders

Residents or members of their household who have a Blue Badge are entitled to a free annual estate parking permit, but must display their Blue or White Badge with the parking permit.

Visitors with a Blue Badge can use it as they would with street parking and can park with their Blue Badge and a timer (limited to two hours). If Blue Badge visitors want to stay for longer than this, a visitor’s permit must be purchased for them.

11. Report a vehicle without a permit

This should be reported to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer through the Lambeth Housing Management Call Centre on 020 7926 6000, or by contacting them directly. They will arrange for APCOA to take enforcement action.

North Area Housing Office (Kennington & Vauxhall, Stockwell & Vassall and Clapham)

91 Kennington Lane
SE11 4HQ

Telephone: 020 7926 6000
Contact the North Area Housing Office

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, except Wednesdays 10am to 5pm

South Area Housing Office (Brixton, Norwood and Streatham)

139 Albert Carr Gardens
SW16 3HB

Telephone: 020 7926 6000
Contact the South Area Housing Office

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm