If your family naturally increases or you invite a family member into your household, you can apply to have them acknowledged as an authorised occupier.

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This form is for Lambeth Housing tenants only.

What you need to know...

Before you apply

An authorised occupier is someone who is living with you long-term with our permission.

We'll usually only allow the following people to become authorised occupants:

  • children
  • spouses or partners
  • other immediate family members.

We wouldn't usually add extended family members if this would cause overcrowding in the property. However there are exceptions if the family member is providing round the clock care and in receipt of Carer’s Allowance.

If you're in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, you'll need to report a change in circumstances to the Benefits team.

Adding a person to your household details doesn't make them a joint tenant or give them any tenancy rights.

When you apply

To apply for someone to be added to your household details, you'll need to do two things:

  • fill in an online form to notify us of your request
  • visit your local area housing office with the required evidence.

Evidence required

When you go to your area housing office, you'll need to bring with you the required supporting documents.

Unborn child

If you're adding an unborn child to your household details, you need to provide:

  • a MAT1 or MATB1 form signed by your GP
  • antenatal notes from the hospital.

Please note that once your baby is born, you'll need to fill in this form again and provide the documents needed for adding a child.

Child or young person (up to 17 years old)

You must provide a full birth certificate for the child or young person and either one of the documents below:

  • child benefit entitlement letter
  • child tax credit entitlement letter
  • court order granting you legal custody of the child.

We'll also accept a letter from your child's health visitor.

Adults (18 years old and older)

You'll need to prove that the adult has lived with you at this address for at least six consecutive months.

They should provide you with as much evidence as possible from the list below:

  • a current council tax bill showing the full amount is being paid
  • P60
  • payslips
  • benefit letter from the Department for Work and Pensions
  • NHS medical card
  • letter from their GP
  • registration on the electoral register
  • utility bills in their name (mobile phone bills won’t be accepted).

You’ll also need to prove their connection to you.

You can use as evidence:

  • full birth and adoption certificates
  • marriage and civil partnership certificates
  • documents addressed to you and your partner.

If the person is a family member, you’ll need to provide the birth certificate of the other family members that connects them to you if there are any.

For example, if the person is your grandchild, you'll need to provide the birth certificates for them and their parent that is your child.

You must also provide photo ID of the person.

This can be a:

  • passport
  • biometric residence permit (issued by the Home Office)
  • EU identity card
  • full UK drivers licence.

You can bring with you any other documents that may support your application.