Contact us if you have any questions about your rent account.

If you want to go away for longer than eight weeks, it's a good idea to talk to us first, letting us know:

  • how long you are likely to be away
  • your forwarding address

If you end up staying away for longer than you intended, for example because you're in hospital, let us know as soon as possible.

If you go away without telling us and we find someone else living in your home, we'll assume you have illegally sublet the property or given up possession, so we may end your tenancy.

Protecting your home

If you leave your home unoccupied for more than a few days, you can help protect it by:

  • turning off the main stopcock for the water supply
  • running all hot and cold water taps until the flow of water stops
  • turning off all gas appliances and the immersion heater
  • checking your home is securely locked. This means all windows and doors. If you have windows that allow for ventilation, ensure you lock the windows rather than just putting down the ventilation handle
  • checking that all external doors and windows including skylights are still secured. It’s important to check that wooden frames are still solid and not starting to rot. It doesn’t matter how good a lock you have – if the framework is not solid, the lock will give easily

If you do turn off the water supply by turning off the stopcock before you go away, make sure you turn it back on when you return.

You could leave a note to remind yourself when you return. Do not use the boiler or immersion heater until the stopcock has been turned back on and check that all taps, tanks, cisterns and cylinders are working.

Your responsibilities

While you are away you are still responsible for paying your rent.

You should also arrange to deal with other day-to-day matters concerning your home, for example asking a neighbour to collect your mail.

If you want us to accept rent from someone who is not the main tenants, you must get our agreement for this in advance.