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1. Your responsibilities

As a resident you have responsibilities to keep your home in a good condition.

You must:

  • keep your home and garden clean and in good decorative order by carrying out minor repairs to your home
  • report repairs which we are responsible for in good time and help us monitor the standard of work
  • provide a safe and clean working environment for our repair contractors and to allow them enough time to carry out the repair.
  • give us access to your property to carry out repairs, gas servicing, annual safety checks and any inspections that are necessary
  • take action to prevent drains and waste pipes becoming blocked
  • prevent and control condensation
  • let us know about any damaged materials that may contain asbestos
  • get written permission from your local area office to alter or make improvements to your home or carry out electrical works
  • make sure that no-one who lives in or visits your home causes any damage.

The repairs you're responsible for include replacing:

  • batteries in smoke alarms
  • broken toilet seats
  • broken toilet chains
  • fuses
  • light bulbs
  • sink taps.

If you do not carry out a repair that is your responsibility, that puts your health or safety at risk we will carry out the repair and recharge you for the cost of the work.

For more details about your repairs responsibility, and advice on maintaining your home see the repairs manual.

Discretionary repairs

In some situations we may take on repairs that aren't normally our responsibility for tenants who are elderly, disabled or vulnerable. We assess each request for a discretionary repair on its own merit.

2. Our repair responsibility

We are responsible for maintaining the structure of your home.

This includes:

  • roof drains, gutters and pipes outside your home
  • foundations, outside walls and doors
  • window cills, catches, cords and frames
  • walls, skirting boards, door frames
  • ceiling inside your home
  • garages and sheds that we own
  • chimneys and chimney stacks
  • pathways, steps and other ways of getting to your home (which we have installed).

If you, your family or visitors to your home cause damage to your home, we will charge you to make the repair.

For a full list of our repair responsibilities see the Repairs manual.

If you do not carry out a repair that is your responsibility, that puts your health or safety at risk we will carry out the repair and recharge you for the cost of the work.

Repairs to installations

We will repair and keep permanent installations for supplying water (including hot water), gas, electricity, toilet facilities or heating, except fittings that are your responsibility, in good working order.

We look after:

  • water tanks and fixed pipes (but not flexible pipes which serve your appliances)
  • gas pipes and electrical wiring
  • sockets and light fittings
  • permanently installed water heaters, boilers, fireplaces and fires (where these are the only form of heating), heater and radiators
  • basins, sinks, baths, toilets, flushing systems and waste pipes.

If we cannot repair an installation, or want to upgrade it, we may replace the installation.

You can report a report a repair online - we would advise that you read the Repairs manual to identify the repair before reporting it to us.

If we have installed a gas appliance in your home to provide space or water heating, our Gas Safe registered contractor will service it every year.

3. Right to repair

The Right to Repair scheme gives secure tenants a legal right to have these repairs done within a set time scale.

If we do not meet the target times, you can ask us to get another contractor to do the work within the same length of time. If the work is still not done, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Alternatively, you can appoint your own contractor to do the work and we will pay for it. Your Tenancy agreement will say whether you are a secure tenant.

Your Right to Repair only applies to repairs on the government's list with a value of £250 or less. For details of qualifying repairs under the Right to Repair scheme see the Repairs manual.

You must let the contractor in and you must give them extra time to do the repair if a special part is needed.

4. Repair timescales

The target time for the repair depends on the risk and urgency of the repair.

Emergency repairs

We will attend to make safe a repair within two hours and fix the repair within 24 hours when you report an emergency repair that:

  • is a risk to residents and visitors health and safety,
  • may damage the building or security to your home we will attend within two hours to make the repair safe.

These repairs could include making safe and repairing:

  • flooding that is damaging a property
  • gas escape
  • damage to your front door that makes your home insecure.

Emergency repairs that are not a risk to health will be repaired within one working day. These would include repairs to fix:

  • lift breakdown
  • total loss of electrical power
  • total loss of mains water supply.

Urgent repairs

We will attend within three working days, unless otherwise stated.

Non urgent repairs

We will respond to non urgent repairs within seven working days, unless otherwise stated.

Routine repairs

We will respond to a routine repair within 28 working days, unless otherwise stated.

Planned repairs

We will respond to a planned repair within 90 working days, unless otherwise stated.

For more details on what repairs fall into these categories read the Repairs manual.

As a resident you also have responsibilities for the upkeep of your home and some repairs. Find out about your repair responsibility.