If you're a Lambeth Housing tenant and you’ve changed your name, we need to know so our housing records are up to date and we can send you the right information.

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Who can use this service

This form is for Lambeth Housing tenants only.

If you're a Lambeth Housing leaseholder use the homeownership update your name form.

What you need to know...

You need to tell us your name has changed if you have:

  • got married
  • got divorced
  • changed it by deed poll.

Other reasons for updating your name

You can also use this form to:

  • correct the spelling of your name on our records and the letters we send out to you
  • tell us your name has changed for any other reason.

You'll need to contact the council tax team separately to update your name on your council tax account.

Documents to provide

When you use this form you will need to provide evidence for the name change.

Reason Document needed
Married Marriage certificate
Divorced Decree nisi
General name change Deed poll
Misspellings and other reasons Passport, driver's licence, birth certificate, official government letter