If you're affected by the changes to your Housing Benefit (Bedroom Tax) or need to move because of overcrowding, you could find a property suitable for your household through Wise Move.

Wise Move gives you more choice in choosing the size, type, and location of your home. It also gives you the opportunity to find a home that is suitable for the needs of you and your family.

Please note that this service only covers our residents.

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1. How does it work

Wise Move gives you the chance to find another tenant who wants to swap homes, and agree to take over each other's tenancy in the condition that it is currently in.

There are some conditions attached, for example you can't move to a home that is far too big for you and if you have rent arrears that may well be a problem.

Anyone living in council or housing association accommodation can exchange their home subject to approval from both landlords.

You won't qualify for Wise Move if you are the tenant of a private landlords, own your own home or own a share in your home (shared ownership).

However, it can be an ideal way to find a move, particularly if you are struggling to get a transfer or wish to move to a different area.

Tips for a successful Wise Move

The exchange is more likely to be successful if:

  • you try to be as flexible as possible about the area and type of property you consider to increase your chances of finding a suitable swap partner
  • both parties are interested in an exchange, arrangements should be made for a mutually convenient time for a viewing
  • you make sure you are aware of the kind of tenancy you will be taking on as there are differences between local authority and housing association tenancies.

2. Register for Wise Move

What you need to know

We will only allow you to register if you need to move a smaller or a larger property

If you want to move to a property with the same number of bedrooms you can use one of the other, nationwide services for arranging a mutual exchange such as House Exchange or Homeswapper.

If you have rent arrears you will not be allowed to up-size.

Please contact the Central Income Team on 020 7926 0820 if you're having difficulty affording your rent and ensure your account is in credit at all times if you are looking for a larger property.

3. Properties in the swap shop

Once you've found a property that you're interested in and the current tenants are looking for a property similar to yours, contact the Housing Support Team on 020 7926 6399 or by email at welfaresolutions@lambeth.gov.uk.

We'll then give you the contact details for the people who currently live at the property so that you can get in touch and arrange the swap.

If both parties agree to the swap, the Housing Support Team can guide you through the rest of the process.

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