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1. Household rubbish

High-rise blocks have refuse chutes, large communal bins or underground refuse collection sites.

The chutes can get blocked by big items, so please use the chutes only for normal household bagged rubbish. See the section ‘getting rid of large, bulky items’ for more information.

Some low-rise blocks have refuse chutes, while others have large communal bins. If you have to carry rubbish down to the ground level, take care to avoid spilling it in the shared areas.

Some maisonettes and street properties have individual wheeled bins while others have large communal bins.

Read more about bins and rubbish collections.

2. Recycling household rubbish

All Lambeth residents must recycle what they can.

About 80 per cent of your household rubbish can easily be recycled.

You can recycle the following household items:

  • food and drink cartons
  • plastic pots, tubs, bottles and trays
  • cardboard and paper, including catalogues, brochures and magazines
  • glass bottles and jars
  • tins
  • empty aerosols.

If you live on an estate, you can put your recyclable rubbish in the green communal recycling bins, which are usually near your household rubbish bins.

If your rubbish is collected from outside your home in a wheeled bin or sack, your recycling will be collected from the same place. Most homes now have a recycling bin and rubbish and recycling will be collected on the same day.

If you wish to dispose of chemical waste, like paint or motor oil, do not put it in your household waste. Instead, contact your local reuse and recycling centre or get it collected by the City of London Corporation.

3. Getting rid of bulky items

You are responsible for clearing furniture and large bulky items of household rubbish, and we have a collection service that can pick up your bulky waste if you need it to.

If you live on an estate, contact us on 020 7926 6000 as your estate’s cleaning contractor may be able to remove them.

You can also use the reuse and recycling centres in Lambeth and Wandsworth to recycle or dispose of household rubbish:

The Lambeth Reuse and Recycling Centre on Vale Street accepts only household recyclable items. No vans are allowed onto the site.

You'll need to show proof that you are a Lambeth resident.

Lambeth bulky waste service

You can pay to use the council's bulky waste collection service if the options above won't take your items.